Black Sesame Technologies has adapted S2C products from the Logic Module of a single FPGA to the Logic System of multiple FPGAs. Founded in 2016, and initially based in Shanghai and other locations, Black Sesame Technologies is an artificial intelligence company focused on image processing, perception algorithms, and SoC design. "We apply S2C products to prototype verification of the visual perception chip for autonomous driving." Said Zhou Bintian, ASIC design director.

There are many daughter card expansions for the National Microelectronics S2C prototype verification platform. For example, Black Sesame Technologies needs to utilize the HDMI display daughter card in the design stage by using S2C's ready-made daughterboard to save design and production time.

In the automobile industry, as a rare complete computing platform that can be operated as an independent system and which bears great responsibility for personal safety, it must have ultra-high computing performance, energy efficiency, and ultra-high reliability.

Given the unique vehicle regulatory certification requirements in the automotive industry, problems at any stage will result in a double loss of both corporate economy and market opportunities. With reference to the on-board chip and meeting these requirements, it must be able to handle large-scale concurrent tasks at the same time.

S2C's Prodigy Logic Module and Logic System series products are currently the most competitive and cost-effective domestic prototype verification solutions on the market. Black Sesame Intelligent Technology has adopted a single FPGA, dual FPGAs, and quad FPGAS. There are many different FPGA product options for automotive chip development.

At present, the Black Sesame Huashan No. 1 chip is in mass production, and a project with domestic leading OEMs on L2+ and L3 level autonomous driving is also underway. It is expected that by the end of 2021, models equipped with the Black Sesame Huashan No. 2 chip will also be officially launched.

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
"We used the products of S2C, from the Logic Module of a single FPGA to the Logic System of multiple FPGAs, for the prototype verification of our company's visual perception chip for autonomous driving, including the design verification of the chip, firmware and driver development. The design of the core IP includes image/video processing, display, computer vision, neural network parts. And these products are convenient and flexible to use, and have strong scalability, which greatly reduces our chip prototypes and verification time."
——Zhou Bintian, the director of ASIC design
Customer Reviews
"The IP-level design verification of these two chips went to the system-level design verification, as well as the development of firmware and drivers. All have used the solutions of S2C."
——Zhou Bintian, the director of ASIC design

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