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The MIPI reference design features Northwest Logic’s CSI-2, DSI and DDR3 Controller IP cores on S2C’s Prodigy™ Logic Modules. The video data is captured with a camera using a CSI-2 interface, is stored into DDR3 memory and transferred via a DSI interface for display. This integrated solution allows developers of mobile devices to quickly build an FPGA prototyping environment with an integrated MIPI CSI-2 or DSI core and accelerate time-to-market.


The CSI-2 and DSI cores efficiently handle high-definition camera and video output, and are suitable for a range of applications on handheld devices and other application environments.


  • Support for single-lane MIPI CSI-2 and DSI operation
  • 400Mhz DDR camera data equals to 800M bit data per second input
  • Support for RAW10 package (RAW8 alternative - see Northwest Logic for technical support)
  • 800X480 in 18bit RGB mode
  • Image freeze and color bars functions

Block Diagram

Implementation results

Xilinx Device Kintex-7
    Slices registers
    Slices LUTs

What’s Included

1. One S2C MIPI D-PHY Interface Module
2. One OV2710 Camera Module
3. One 70WW2A WVGA Display Module
4. Eight 300mm MMCX to SMB cables
5. Encrypted Netlist(License by Northwest)
6. FPGA Project(License by Northwest)
7. FPGA Bit stream(License by Northwest)
8. Readme file for bring up.