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The AXI-4 Quick Start Kit reference design adapts a Xilinx Zynq ZC702 evaluation board to S2C’s Prodigy™ Logic Module. The evaluation board is comprised of a Zynq device containing dual-core ARM Cortex® - A9 processors and a programmable logic capacity of 1.3M gates. The kit

  • Provides a ready-made platform for designers developing an AXI-4 system
  • Accommodates large gate count designs
  • Works seamlessly with S2C solutions for design partitioning, debug, and ARM software development


The AXI-4 Quick Start Kit can be used to demonstrate an embedded design, targeting video pipeline, as well as run ARM-based IP or SoC development and verification. The kit can be used to validate processors, GPUs, 3D IPs, tablet PCs, and much more.


The AXI-4 Kit expands the programmable capacity by extending the AXI-4 bus onboard the Zynq chip to external FPGAs on the Prodigy Logic Module prototyping system.


  • Support for 1080P @ 60HZ FULL-HD dynamic image display
  • 148.25Hhz clock and data stream transmission capability for the interface board
  • Ability to switch two sets of images with a press of a button
  • Push button dynamic image freeze and recovery
  • Linux command line support

Demonstration Circuit