Prodigy Multi-Debug Module Pro

The Prodigy Multi-Debug Module Pro (MDM Pro) is an innovative deep trace debugging solution for FPGA prototyping and allows concurrent debugging of multiple FPGAs. It works within the Prodigy Player Pro cockpit to specify trigger conditions and to debug across multiple FPGAs. The MDM Pro hardware enables massive data acquisition and transferring through high speed giga transceivers, and deep tracing of the cause of bugs with the ability to store up to 64GB of waveform data without consuming any user FPGA memory.


  • Debug across up to 8 FPGAs simultaneously using a single logic analyzer
  • faster sampling rate of up to 125MHz
  • Trace up to 2K probes per FPGA and support 8 sample groups
  • Easy get the value of any internal DFF/BRAM
  • Supports trigger state machine languages to ease the debugging
  • Store up to 64GB of waveform data externally


The MDM Pro has the following features:

RTL-level Probing

The Player Pro GUI allows you to mark and upload internal signals to the external MDM Pro hardware for easy setting of trigger conditions and signal tracing.

Large Number of Probes Without Re-Compile

  • Mark an unlimited number of internal FPGA probes before synthesis
  • Trace up to 16K probes per FPGA in 8 groups of 2K probes each without FPGA re-compilation

Integrated In-Circuit Debug Setup

  • Set up trigger and trace signals in multiple FPGAs from a single console
  • Preserve internal FPGA probes before synthesis
  • Probes are distributed to multiple FPGAs automatically based on partition results

Trigger Condition Specification

Users can easily set trigger events and combinational events:

General Trigger:

  • Trigger events support: ==, !=, >=, <=, >, < and counting
  • Combinational events support: !, &, |, ^, -> and counting
  • Supports up to 8 event trigger blocks. Each block can run comparison, sequencing, occurrence and combination operations

Advanced Trigger:

  • Up to 8 trigger comparators
  • State machines - support up to 16 states
  • One, two- and three-way conditional branching
  • Four built-in 16-bits counters used to events, implement timers, etc.
  • Four built-in flags used for monitoring trigger state machine execution status

64GB Deep Trace

  • Store 64GB of waveform data on external DDR4 memory, minimize the consumption of user FPGA resources
  • Transfer captured waveforms to host computer through Gigabit Ethernet
  • Capture and store waveforms continuously

Concurrent Debug of Multiple FPGAs

  • Debug across multiple FPGAs simultaneously using a single Logic Analyzer
  • Easy get the value of any internal DFF / BRAM
  • Transmit trigger and trace data from multiple FPGAs to the MDM Pro hardware through high-speed transceivers Mini-SAS
  • Write the sample data in VCD / FSDB/ FST format for analysis
  • High bandwidth capture and aggregation over 8 Mini-SAS connections

Integrated with Prototyping Setup Flow

Prodigy MDM Pro provides two modes – compiler mode and IP mode. In IP mode, user can instantiate the debug IP in the DUT directly, no need to run the Player Pro compile time flow. In compiler mode, it works within the Prodigy Player Pro cockpit to go beyond debug set up to specify trigger conditions then debug.