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S2C’s Prodigy Complete Prototyping Solutions addresses the need for a comprehensive solution that operates at any functional design stage, with any design size, and across multiple geographical locations. All of these capabilities are available on demand and remotely-accessible at all times. The Prodigy Prototyping Platform boasts:

  • The largest single system capacity
  • The most scalable/flexible architecture for designs of various sizes, applications and stages
  • Sophisticated hardware and control software
  • Solution to massive software & testing deployment challenges
  • Shortened design to FPGA mapping time
  • Leading multi-FPGA deep trace debug

The Prodigy Complete Prototyping Solutions consists of the following FPGA prototyping solutions:

Download the white paper: FPGA Prototyping of System-on-Chip Designs - The Need for a Complete Prototyping Platform for Any Design Size, Any Design Stage with Enterprise-Wide Access, Anytime, Anywhere