Prodigy Cloud System


Build a scalable and versatile FPGA cloud with S2C solutions

S2C’s Prodigy Cloud System is a scalable and versatile FPGA-based prototyping system. It supports up to 32 FPGAs in one standard server rack; multiple racks can be connected to form a scalable FPGA system. The Prodigy Cloud System provides versatile development and verification methodologies ranging from RTL signal level to ESL system level. To maximize the return effectively, Prodigy Cloud System equipped with a control and monitor hardware and a web-based management software, in this way, the FPGA system can be shared from a private cloud or a public cloud, anywhere and anytime.


  • Up to 32 FPGAs in one standard server rack; multiple racks can be connected
  • RTL signal level to ESL system level development and verification methodologies
  • Web-based resource management software for multi-user usage, individual FPGA control and monitor hardware utilities
  • Complete all FPGA development activities in one single GUI
  • System prototyping friendly by using S2C’s 80+ off-the-shelf Prodigy Prototype Ready™ daughter cards



Scalable FPGA capacity

  • A great variety of Prodigy Logic Systems, with Xilinx or Intel FPGAs, are available
  • Up to eight Prodigy Logic Systems can be assembled per standard server rack
        - With Intel 10M FPGA, the maximum capacity for one server rack will be 2.5B ASIC gates
  • Multiple racks can be connected thus forming a scalable FPGA system

Versatile verification methodologies

  • High-speed prototyping with prototype ready IP and 80+ daughter cards
  • Concurrent waveform dumping across multiple Logic Systems for signal level debugging
  • Hardware-software co-simulation capability provided by ProtoBridge enables transaction- or system-level hardware-software co-development

Cloud-enabling utilities

  • Centralized FPGA resource management, multi-user with three privileged access levels are supported by the web-based Neuro Software product
  • Full function remote control on each Logic System through secured network access makes it possible to share FPGA resources with users around the world
  • Monitoring the system health and alerting on predefined events keep the system in high-reliability status
  • Self-test helps to isolate design issues from hardware or connection issues conveniently

Integrated FPGA implementation flow

  • Perform all the FPGA implementation activities in single unified Player Pro GUI, including:
        - Assign FPGA I/O
        - Preserve probes, set up triggers
        - Perform automatic or guided partition over multiple Logic Systems
        - Generate and download FPGA bit file(s)



Prodigy Logic Systems

  • Up to 32 FPGAs can be installed in one rack using Xilinx VU440, Xilinx VU19P, or Intel 10M FPGAs
  • Flexible Interconnections among Prodigy Logic System using interconnection modules or cables

Prodigy Neuro Control Module

  • Global control for power, clock, and reset across multiple Logic Systems
  • Monitoring, self-testing, and reporting for each individual Logic System

Prodigy Neuro Software

  • Web-based user interface for convenient access anywhere and anytime
  • Three-privilege-level user management to share FPGA resources among multiple projects/users efficiently
  • Alert of over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature conditions
  • Usage recording and reporting of each Logic System helps maximizing the resource utilization rate

Prodigy Player Pro

  • Automated FPGA implementation flow on IO assignment, probe preservation, trigger condition setting, design synthesis, place and route, and bit file downloading increases the productivity
  • Automatic and guided partitioning over multiple Logic Systems is provided

Prodigy Multi-Debug Module

  • Debug across multiple Prodigy Logic Systems
  • Trace at speeds up to 80MHz
  • Trace up to 32K probes per FPGA without re-compile
  • Store up to 8GB of waveform data externally

Prodigy ProtoBridge AXI

  • AXI-4 bus protocol between Host server and FPGA
  • Massive data transfer between Host server and FPGA up to 1GB/s
  • Unique shared memory operation increases FPGA prototyping memory capacity
  • ISS model and virtual platform integration extends the development and verification to operating system level

Daughter cards for Cloud System

  • S2C vast library of off-the-shelf interfaces and accessories for Prodigy Logic Systems speed up and simplify the system prototyping process.
  • More than 80 accessory modules are supplied as daughter boards that plug into the Prodigy Logic Systems, providing pre-tested interfaces and reference design flows for easy bring-up.