K7 Prodigy Logic Module 

The S2C K7 Prodigy Logic Module is equipped with one Xilinx Kintex-7 XC7K410T or XC7K325T FPGA device and can prototype a design with a capacity up to 4.1M gates. The K7 Prodigy Logic Module features the largest number of user I/Os in its class with 432 I/Os on four Dedicated I/O connectors and 16 channels of GTX transceivers on two Differential I/O connectors. The GTX transceivers are capable of running up to 10Gbps with -2 grade FPGA devices. Users can easily download to FPGAs, generate programmable clocks, adjust I/O voltages and run self-tests on hardware from S2C’s Prodigy Player Pro Runtime software via a straightforward USB2.0 interface. With S2C K7 PRODIGY Logic Module’s affordable pricing, project managers can deploy a large number of FPGA-based prototypes to accelerate hardware verification and software development in parallel.



Large Capacity

  • Up to 4.1M ASIC gates 
  • Up to 28Mbits of FPGA internal memory
  • Up to 1540 embedded 18X18 multipliers

High Speed Transceivers

  • 16 GTX Gigabit Transceivers can run up to 10Gbps through 2 high-speed Differential I/O connectors
  • Each Differential I/O connector has 8 channels of GTX transceivers and 12 single-ended I/O for control signal

Flexible & Powerful I/O

  • Each FPGA can access up to 432 I/O through 4 Dedicated I/O connectors
  • The HP (high performance) Dedicated I/O connector is fully populated with 120 I/O and I/O voltage can be adjusted to 1.2V, 1.5V or 1.8V
  • Two HR (high range) Dedicated I/O connectors are fully populated with 120 I/O and I/O voltage can be adjusted to 1.8V, 2.5V or 3.3V
  • One HR I/O connector (J3) has 72 I/O and has the fixed voltage region 2.5V

High Performance

  • Up to 60W power for FPGA
  • Equal trace length for I/Os from same I/O connector
  • 1GB 32-bit DDR3 memory module at up to 667Mbps or 1GB 32-bit DDR2 memory module at up to 400Mbps data rate

Advanced Global Clock & Reset Management

  • Up to 60W power for FPGA
    - 2 programmable clock sources (1-195MHz)
    - 2 oscillator sockets
  • 2 pairs of differential global clocks from SMB connectors
  • Clocks are programmed conveniently in S2C Prodigy Player Pro runtime software
  • 1 design clock can be output through SMB connector
  • 2 global resets can be triggered from push-buttons


  • Multiple FPGA configuration options through USB2.0 Port, JTAG and SD Card
  • Less than 1 second FPGA configuration through SD card
  • Runtime features include self-test, clock generation, setting I/O voltage, read hardware status through software
  • User Test Area – LEDs, Push Buttons, Switches and GPIO Headers for testing and debugging
  • Use many off-the shelf pre-tested daughter boards

Rapid System Prototyping

The flexibility and reusability of K7 Prodigy Logic Modules empower designers to prototype a variety of different applications. Different SoC designs have different peripheral requirements. The peripherals can be designed as daughter boards to interface with the K7 Prodigy Logic Module. Thus the main FPGA boards are reusable for different applications to save cost. S2C supplies a wide array of Prodigy Prototype Ready Accessory Modules to help you quickly build a comprehensive SoC prototype. Click here to select the off-the-shelf daughter boards for your prototyping system. 

The K7 Prodigy Logic Module is available in 2 configurations based on the K7 FPGA used. You can also create your desired prototype configuration by stacking or tiling multiple K7 Prodigy Logic Modules together. In addition, the K7 Prodigy Logic Modules adopt a similar form factor to S2C’s high-capacity V7 Prodigy Logic Module with 1, 2 or 4 Virtex-7 2000T devices with capacity of up to 80 million ASIC gates on a single board. Therefore, if a design outgrows the capacity of a K7 Prodigy Logic Module, project managers can migrate to V7 Prodigy Logic Modules seamlessly. For larger SoC designs that cannot fit into a K7 Prodigy Logic Module, project managers can still utilize the K7 Prodigy Logic Modules for IP development, block-level verification, simulation acceleration and partial software development.

K7 Prodigy Logic Module Configuration Table
  ASIC Logic Gates (Max)
  FPGA Memory
  DDR3 Memory
Optional 1GB*
Optional 1GB*
  DDR2 Memory
Optional 1GB*
Optional 1GB*
  Global Clocks
  External I/O
  Gigabit Transceivers