Design Exploration


Designing the right product is more important than designing the product right. The ability to explore different design ideas early and provide a working demonstration to customers earlier will significantly increase the success of a product launch.

The sooner that problems in the design can be identified the easier and faster it is to correct-possibly shaving weeks/months of development time. Although simulation offers you an abstract view of the design, simulation cannot provide a complete model for early access to the design. Nothing compares to seeing the design working on hardware. The ability to perform an early evaluation the architecture of the processor, cache size, and bus width with the rest of the design implemented in the FPGA is critical.

Innovative Technology

S2C's FPGA prototyping technology enables early design exploration through a mix of ESL models and real hardware designs in a FPGA. Using a high-throughput, low-latency, AXI-based transaction-level interface, users can bridge system-level simulation and FPGA-based prototyping environments.

S2C Prodigy Prototyping Solutions

Early design exploration can be achieved using the following advanced S2C Prodigy Prototyping hardware and software solutions:

Request for Quote

What type of chip are you designing?
What is the capacity of the ASIC gate included in the design?
5 million-20 million
20 million-50 million
50 million-100 million
100 million-1 billion
More than 1 billion
Which FPGA do you prefer to use?
Xilinx VU440
Xilinx KU115
Xilinx VU19P
Xilinx VU13P
Xilinx VU9P
Intel S10-10M
Intel S10-2800
Not sure, need professional advice
What kind of FPGA configuration do you need?
Single FPGA
Four FPGAs
Eight FPGAs
Not sure, need professional advice
What kind of peripheral interface do you need?
How many prototype verification platforms do you need?
Do you need the following tools?
Segmentation tool
Multiple FPGA debugging tools
Co-modeling tool (allows large amounts of data to interact between FPGA and PC host)
When do you need to use our products?
0-6 months
6-12 months
More than 12 months
Not sure
Any additional comments?
Enter your phone number and we will call you back immediately
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