IP Development


IP is the building block of today’s complex designs. No matter if you are designing an IP for commercial sales or internal project needs, having a fully validated IP is essential. IP should be tested with a large number of test patterns, validated in a real system environment and be run using real software. Furthermore, IP that is created for external users should be easily demonstrated and evaluated to minimize system-on-chip (SoC) integration time.

Today’s global market has increased the need for secure IP evaluation. IP customers should have the ability to evaluate IP extensively before a purchase is made while IP providers need a way to safely deliver IP for evaluation without risk of piracy.

Innovative Technology

S2C’s Prodigy Prototyping Solutions closely resemble the entire design operating at or close to actual speed allowing for a great deal of IP testing. In addition, linking with the simulation environment enables running test patterns much earlier in the design process.

IP developers can build a comprehensive demo and evaluation platform quickly using S2C vast library of plug-and-play daughter cards. S2C’s secure IP demo and evaluation platform utilizes battery encryption keys to allow for IP evaluation without access to the IP source code reducing IP piracy risks. IP evaluators on the other hand can still easily analyze the IP of a FPGA prototype from a system level perspective even without access to the source code.

S2C Prodigy Prototyping Solutions

Successful IP development can be achieved using the following advanced Prodigy Prototyping hardware and software solutions: