Compatibility Testing


Almost all electronic devices today need to communicate with other devices either through the Internet or at the very least Point-to-Point. Subsequently, the amount of field and compatibility testing has increased dramatically. Engineers need to cover a large number of test environments to encompass permutations of hardware compatibility such as processor used or DRAM type, software compatibility such as OS or application SW, and network compatibility such as communication protocols, network service provider policies, etc.. In addition, many test environments are hard to set up in a lab and need to be tested in the field.

FPGA prototyping systems offer both portability and high performance making them an obvious choice for tackling field/compatibility testing. However, management of a large number of prototypes can be a challenging task especially when multiple sites are doing co-development/testing with many end users who are not familiar with FPGA hardware.

Innovative Technology

S2C’s Prodigy Prototyping technology has industry leading remote management capabilities such as remote FPGA design download, storing of designs in an on-board SD card, remote power on/off/reset, and virtual LED’s and switches. In addition, S2C’s enterprise-class server and client software enable a central administrator to monitor all Prodigy prototyping platforms on the network from a web interface. Users can run massive parallel regression tests on multiple platforms all from a central user console, and perform test analysis using results collected from multiple platforms at the same time.

S2C Prodigy Prototyping Solutions

Reaching software development earlier can be achieved using the following Prodigy Prototyping hardware and software solutions:



  • Prodigy Debug Module for test result collection
  • Prodigy Neuro enables monitoring of multiple tests across multiple sites at the same time