Customer Testimonials

Chris Nicol, CTO of Wave Semiconductor
Wave Semiconductor
"The S2C solution included all of the modules needed to interface a host computer to a prototype of our SoC IP. The API was straightforward to use and enabled rapid prototyping of our host software," said Chris Nicol, CTO of Wave Semiconductor. "We were able to prove our processor fabric technology with a minimal outlay of time and resources. As such, it is an ideal fit for what we needed, and allowed us to transition with confidence from the product concept to the development stage."


Makoto Natori, Group Manager of IP Core Development Group
“We mapped our 3D graphics IP core into a Virtex-6 760 FPGA on S2C’s V6 TAI Logic Module and used S2C’s DVI-ver2.0 daughter card to display the video on a TV. To control our graphics IP core, we utilized an off-the-shelf ARM11 CPU board (ARMADILLO-500). We were able to test a lot of software on all the different graphics IP cores as we were able to run our FPGA design on the TAI Logic Module at close to real system speed.”


Ching-Han Tai, ASIC Director
Ablaze Wireless
“We discovered S2C from the Altera Website and were impressed by the features provided by S2C. After careful research, we felt that the S2C Sratix-4 820 platform provided the best combination of performance, features and cost advantages. We used the Dual Stratix-4 820 platforms for both hardware bring-up and hardware software co-development. The fact that we could develop our production quality software and verify it on our SoC prototype based on FPGAs, before making the final decision to tape-out provided us with tremendous advantage.”


Wang Pei, Testing and Support Department Manager
“We liked the fact that S2C’s TAI Logic Module is very scalable and flexible. We were able to verify the subsystem and develop the software simultaneously while taping out the chip. Also, we were able to put the whole system in the TAI Logic Module to verify the logic. Our first attempt took some time, but with the quick response and advice of S2C’s AE team, we now can quickly build the prototype verification system for the following projects.”


Yu Tao, CTO of Penstar Technology
“A big portion of our products is in the digital TV set-top boxes market and the market window is short. The ability to launch our SoC early in the market is critical to our success. FPGA prototyping was needed, but to design a complex FPGA prototyping board by ourselves is a challenge, and we also needed to transmit massive amounts of test data via PCIe from PC at high speed. We used both S2C TAI Logic Modules (a multiple FPGA platform with a large library of peripheral daughter cards) and the ProtoBridge Software (C-API functions that allow the fast transmission of massive amounts of data between FPGA and PC through a PCIe Channel). We were really happy because we not only saved on hardware and software/driver development costs but also reduced the overall design cycle.”


Cheng MingQiang, Engineering Manager
Spreadtrum Communications (NASDAQ: SPRD)
" We chose S2C's Virtex-5 series TAI Logic Module for design verification and early software development based on our success in using their earlier Virtex-4 series product line, compared to building FPGA prototypes in-house, adopting an established off-the-shelf FPGA platform let our engineers concentrate on what they do best - chip design research and development. S2C's price-performance proposition and dedicated support are compelling reasons for us to continue using TAI Logic Module as our platform of choice. "


Jian-Ling Hu, Professor of Electronic and Information Engineering
Shanghai Jiaotong University
" We employed S2C's TAI Prototyping Development Kit to test out several advanced SoC concepts currently under research. TAI PDK made it possible to derive effective design partitioning, compile, and debugging solutions to the complex issues we encountered. In particular, the intuitive IDE interface enabled us to set up SoC design partitions and observe internal signals for easy debugging. On a broader note, the technical framework S2C employs in IP security assessment, rapid IP integration, and embedded IP debugging – through its TAI IP prototyping methodology – highly agree with our own perspectives and research practices. "


Henry Wang, Technical Director
" We needed rapid prototyping for our SoC projects, and chose S2C products because of their out-of-the-box usability. With S2C's high quality hardware and automated prototyping software, even our new engineers quickly climbed the learning curve and were able to implement multi-million gate designs on multiple FPGAs after just 2-3 weeks. "