Success Stories

Inspur - A Leading Total Solution and Service Provider of Cloud Computing

 As a leading total solution and service provider of cloud computing, Inspur is capable of providing total solution at IaaS, PaaS and SaaS levels. With high-end servers, mass storages, and cloud operating system and information security technology, Inspur offers advanced cloud computing infrastructure platform for its customers. Based on Inspur’s information software for government, enterprise and industry, as well as terminal products and solutions, this platform provides comprehensive support to the construction of smart government, and enterprise cloud and vertical industry cloud.


Penstar Technology - Advanced SoC Products, Microcontrollers, HDTV and Mobile TV Decoder and Demodulator ICs

 Penstar Technology is a leading fabless IC design company and technology innovator in China. The company is focused on the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of advanced SoC products, microcontrollers, HDTV and mobile TV decoder and demodulator ICs, LCD driver ICs, and related hardware, software products and services. Penstar Technology was among the first companies to develop a HDTV decoder chip based on China’s Audio and Video Coding Standard (AVS).


TAKUMI – 3D Graphics IP Cores

 Founded in 2003, TAKUMI licenses out its unique and OpenGL ES- and OpenVG-compliant Graphics Accelerator IP cores for embedded systems and mobile information devices, including digital still/video cameras, mobile phones and set-top boxes that enable the smallest size and power consumption as well as real rich 2D/3D intuitive user interface around the world. The company maintains headquarters in Shiba, Tokyo. TAKUMI also has offices in Kofu, Yamanashi.


Ablaze Wireless - Mobile Communications, Digital Signal Processing, Interference Suppression,  MIMO

 Ablaze Wireless was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing highly secured, cost effective solutions to the femtocell market. Over the course of the past few years, the company has achieved the impossible by delivering quality products with innovation while still staying lean. In 2009, Ablaze Wireless expanded its operation by setting up an office in Taipei, Taiwan to work closely with the supply chain and manufacturers to bring down the cost of femto access points.


Leadcore - TD-SCDMA Chip and Integrated Solutions

 Leadcore Technology Co.,Ltd (Leadcore Tech) is one of the core members of Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group. The predecessor of Leadcore is Datang Mobile (Shanghai) Communications Equipment Co.,Ltd. As a TD-SCDMA fundamental technology provider, Leadcore Tech has been dedicated to provide the terminal manufacturers and design houses leading TD-SCDMA mobile phone terminal solution and chipsets.


HuayaMicro - LCD TV, STB, Portable TV

 Established in 2001, Huaya Microelectronics, Inc. (HuayaMicro) is a world-class SoC IC provider of Digital TV and Video Processing Solutions. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, HuayaMicro also has branch offices in Nanjing , Shenzhen , Taiwan and San Jose , USA with about 170 employees worldwide. With abundant industry experiences, innovative technologies and proactive business development in management, R&D and Sales & Marketing, HuayaMicro teams are experts from USA , Taiwan and China.


Spreadtrum - LTE SoC Design

 Spreadtrum Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPRD) is a fabless semiconductor company that develops baseband and RF processor solutions for the wireless communications market. Spreadtrum combines its semiconductor design expertise with its software development capabilities to deliver highly-integrated baseband processors with multimedia functionality and power management.


Actions - MP3/MP4 SoC Design

 Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd . (NASDAQ: ACTS) is one of China's leading fabless semiconductor companies that provides mixed-signal and multimedia SoC solutions for portable consumer electronics. Actions Semiconductor products include SoCs, firmware, software, solution development kits, as well as detailed specifications of other required components and the providers of those components. Actions Semiconductor also provides total product and technology solutions that allow customers to quickly introduce new portable consumer electronics to the mass market in a cost effective way.


Ingenic - 32-Bit CPU

 Ingenic Semiconductor is a leading Chinese embedded CPU provider which was founded in 2005 at Beijing. Stock Code : 300223. Ingenic Semiconductor has its own ultra low power CPU technology XBurst. XBurst adopts an innovative pipeline engine which can emit instructions with very little power consumption. The performance, silicon area and power consumption of XBurst outperforms most of the existent industry embedded CPU cores.


Huahong - Smart Card and Information Security Chip Solution

 Shanghai Huahong Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. (SHHIC), subordinate to China Electronics Corporation (CEC), is a Chinese smart card and information security chip solution supplier. As the main structure of China 909 Project, SHHIC can provide contactless IC card chip, contact CPU card chip, dual interface card chip, USBKEY chip, multi-media chip and solutions of RFID, public transportation one-card-express, social security, financial security, telecoms, mobile payment and high-end identification etc. SHHIC annual shipment amounts to over 400 million chips and total shipment 1 billion chips.