S2C partners with various companies around the globe in order to deliver comprehensive SoC solutions to our customers. To learn more about the benefits of partnering with S2C, please contact our marketing department at - marketing©

S2C builds synergistic relationships with best-in-class companies in the EDA, FPGA, and SoC prototyping industries to bring advantageous FPGA-Based SoC Design solutions to our customers. Our partners likewise benefit by employing our FPGA-Based SoC Design technology to bring enhanced environments in design compilation, design prototyping, and software/hardware co-verification to their customers.

The Programmable Solutions Group within Intel offers a broad portfolio of programmable logic solutions that allow customers to solve a wide variety of system-level challenges. FPGAs enable system architects to increase system performance and power efficiency, reduce total cost of ownership and board area, and accelerate time-to-market and design team productivity. Intel FPGAs and SoC FPGAs target an array of applications in many industries, including automotive, broadcast, data center, communications, consumer, industrial, medical, military and aerospace, and test and measurement.


S2C partners with eASIC to assist designers who wish to realize their SoC designs on zero mask-charge, no minimum order structured ASIC devices. eASIC is a fabless semiconductor company that offers breakthrough structured ASIC devices reducing the overall fabrication time and cost of customized silicon devices.

Interra Systems is a diversified software products and services provider in Digital Media for over fifteen years. Interra's Digital Media solutions are led by Vega, a family of Audio/Video analyzers for multiple standards such as H264,AVS and so on. It provides the most accurate and in-depth video analysis with navigation down to the deepest levels of an encoded stream, significantly reducing R&D and QA time.

Japan Circuit Co., Ltd.

Japan Circuit Co., Ltd. specializes in very high speed printed circuit board (PCB) design and for the past 20 years, JC's analog team has assisted many of the top-tier semiconductor vendors in Japan to meet ever-challenging high-speed PCB performance requirements. S2C's future high-speed SoC prototyping boards will be simulated by JC's engineers for achieving superior performance supporting interface standards that can run at more than 10GHz.

The Synopsys VC Apps Access Program provides qualified access to the VC Apps API for developing KDB-enabled or FSDB-enabled tools to support interoperability with Verdi for verification and design flows. Verdi offers an extensible platform for SoC teams and third-party EDA vendors to develop innovative debug capabilities.

Japan Circuit Co., Ltd.

S2C partners with Mentor Graphics to deliver FPGA-based prototyping solutions at the ESL and FPGA synthesis stages. The partnership allows for faster, earlier design validation and detection of design defects. Mentor Graphics is a world leader in electronic hardware and software design solutions, providing products, consulting services and award-winning support for the world’s most successful electronic, semiconductor and systems companies.

Verific Design Automation Inc.

Verific Design Automation Inc. S2C's FPGA-Based SoC Design tools integrate Verific Design Automation's HDL and netlist parsers to provide robust software for our users. Verific Design Automation is the leader in HDL front-end engines and has over 30,000 customers worldwide.

Verific Design Automation Inc.

Xilinx is the world’s leading provider of All Programmable FPGA's, SoC's and 3D ICs. These industry leading devices are coupled with a next-generation design environment and IP to serve a broad range of customer needs, from programmable logic to programmable systems integration.

S2C Partners with IP providers to deliver total SoC solutions to customers. These solutions include secure IP evaluation before licensing, secure integration of IP into SoC on FPGA prototypes using TAI IP, and IP/SoC reference designs.

Allegro Created in November 2003, Allegro is a privately owned company which provides the industry de-facto standard H.264/MPEG-4 AVC compliance streams and World first H.264 HD High Profile real-time encoder/codec IP. With strong financial position, Allegro is a highly reliable partner and was rated by Dun & Bradstreet as “1: Very Low Risk”.

S2C partners with ARM to provide FPGA-Based prototyping solutions that allow users of ARM IP and processors to produce intelligent applications ranging from sensors to servers, including smartphones, tablets, enterprise infrastructure and the Internet of Things. Today ARM technology is in use in 95% of smart phones, 80% of digital cameras, and 35% of all electronic devices.

CSIP (China Silicon Intellectual Properties) is China's national public Services organization that facilitates lawful and efficient IP licensing for IC enterprises in China. S2C and CSIP have conducted a joint evaluation lab since 2005 to provide TAI IP-related design Servicess, including conversion, verification, and system validation.

GUC, the Flexible ASIC Leader, is based in Taiwan and provides a comprehensive suite of The Flexible ASIC Services that meet the unique business and technology requirements of today’s innovative technology company. GUC provides an unmatched combination of advanced technology, low power and embedded CPU design capabilities and production knowhow through close partnership with TSMC and major packaging and testing companies that are ideal for advanced communications, computing and consumer electronics ASIC applications.

Innosilicon is a world leading High Speed Low Power mixed signal IP company specializing in high speed PHY and HD multimedia AFE IPs which embedded in millions SOC shipping per month. We provide the system know-how that enables our customers to achieve risk free integration and SOC success in SMIC, TSMC and Globalfoundries with over 7 years track record. Our Interface PHY IPs are available in every major process nodes from 0.13/0.11um, 90nm, 65nm/55nm, 40nm, all the way to 28nm.

IPextreme licenses famous semiconductor IP (intellectual property) and methodologies developed by large semiconductor companies to chip designers worldwide. S2C has partnered with IPextreme to further strengthen the pipeline of production-proven silicon IP to IC design companies and system houses in China.

Ittiam Systems is a leading provider of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) IP to OEM and semiconductor companies worldwide. Its IP solutions include core signal processing software on programmable DSP, synthesizable RTL softcore for SoC designs, and application level software for multiple end-equipment domains. S2C partners with Ittiam to bring its leading edge DSP solutions for media and communication IC designs in China.

MindTree Ltd. is a global IT Solutions company specializing in IT Services, Independent Testing, Infrastructure Management and Technical Support (IMTS). MindTree has been a prominent player in the Bluetooth arena for almost a decade and has witnessed the evolution of this technology from a concept to a key connectivity technology in many products. Tens of customers have incorporated MindTree’s IP offerings into their product designs and millions of units of such products are available in the market today.

Northwest Logic provides high-performance, easy-to-use IP cores including memory controller, MIPI, PCI Express and PCI cores. In China, S2C provides value-added support and Servicess for Northwest IP users throughout different design phases such as rapid SoC prototyping on FPGA and SoC production using eASIC devices.

Rambus brings invention to market. Their customizable IP cores, architecture licenses, tools, services, and training improve the competitive advantage of their customer's products while accelerating their customer's time-to-market. Rambus products and innovations capture, secure and move data. For more information, visit

SSIPEX is a Shanghai-based not-for-profit organization that facilitates and promotes silicon IP exchange Servicess as well as IP research and development Servicess.