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S2C Newsletter
2012 Spring Issue

Chairman's Corner
Mon-Ren Chene
Chairman and CTO

We take the “rapid” in rapid FPGA-based prototyping very seriously. We always work closely with our customers to identify new ways to save them time and to help them get to market sooner. In the last quarter, we have made major enhancements on our TAI Player Pro software to reduce prototype creation and debug time. We have also added 7 new Prototype Ready™ Accessories to save our users the time to engineer the solutions on their own.

We will exhibit the world, probably the first vitex-7 based SoC/ASIC prototyping hardware, V7 TAI Logic Module, at DAC San Francisco next month. The V7 TAI Logic Modules are S2C’s fifth generation products and can hold designs up to 180M ASIC gates with 1, 2, 4 or 9 Xilinx Vitex-7 2000T FPGA devices on a single board.

  • Major Enhancements on TAI Player Pro FPGA Prototype Design and Debug Software
  • 7 New Prototype Ready™ Accessories
  • New Series of S2C Success Stories

  • In addition, the new V7 TAI Logic Modules are designed to run faster, to support on-board Gigabit Transceivers and to perform runtime functions through an Ethernet interface so that you can control and communicate with your FPGA hardware remotely. I hope to see you all at DAC soon to share with you more about these capabilities.

    Major Enhancements on TAI Player Pro FPGA Prototype Design and Debug Software

    TAI Player Pro 4.1 software, in conjunction with S2C’s Verification Module Technology (patent pending), now supports the simultaneous debug of designs mapped up to 4 Altera or Xilinx FPGAs. One of the unique features of this capability is that the original RTL names are preserved making it easier to correlate debug signals with RTL source code,. The new TAI Player Pro software supports a number of new runtime features, including constant measurement of voltage and current, and real time measurement of on-board clock frequencies.

    S2C has also made its popular “Assign I/O in the GUI” function free for all TAI Logic Module customers, so that users can avoid going through datasheets and manually creating I/O assignments for the FPGAs.

    7 New Prototype Ready™ Accessories

    S2C has added 7 new Prototype Ready accessories to the existing large family of daughter cards used to create FPGA-based prototypes and interface to the user’s target operating environment. These pre-engineered off-the-shelf solutions speed up the overall prototype development schedule by saving the user the time to engineer the solutions on their own.

    • FTDI Interface Module
    • 2 Channel High Speed A/D and D/A Module
    • SMA2SATA Module
    • Multi-Function Flash Memory Module
    • 4GB DDR3 Pre-tested SO-DIMM Memory Module
    • Global Clock Management Module
    • Virtex-6 I/O Level Shifting Module Type C

    Please see our complete listing of over 50 S2C Prototype Ready daughter cards and accessories here.

    New Series of S2C Success Stories

    S2C customers have been successfully using our SoC/ASIC Prototyping products in all different types of applications including LTE, TD-SCDMA, LCD TV, MP3/MP4, CPU, and many other consumer and networking products worldwide. We have created a number of new Success Stories in the past few months on the S2C website. Please enjoy.

    • Spreadtrum - LTE SoC Design
    • Leadcore - TD-SCDMA Chip and Integrated Solutions
    • HuayaMicro - LCD TV, STB, Portable TV
    • Actions - MP3/MP4 SoC Design
    • Ingenic - 32-Bit CPU

    About S2C

    Founded and headquartered in San Jose, California, S2C has been successfully delivering rapid SoC prototyping tools since 2003. S2C provides:

    • Rapid SoC FPGA-based prototyping hardware and automation software
    • Prototype Ready™ IP, Platforms, and Accessories
    • System-level design verification and acceleration

    S2C's value is our singular focus on SoC/ASIC development. Our highly qualified engineering team and customer-focused sales force understands our customers’ SoC development needs. S2C’s unique FPGA-based solution, using our patented TAI IP technology, enables designers to quickly assemble FPGA-based SoC prototypes on S2C FPGA boards. This gives customers an early start on software development, typically the long pole item in development schedules. Combining rapid prototyping methodologies with a comprehensive portfolio of Prototype Ready IP and advanced verification and acceleration solutions, S2C solutions greatly reduces the SoC design cycle.

    In addition to the headquarters in San Jose, CA, S2C currently has 4 direct offices located in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen China and HsinChu, Taiwan. S2C is also the organizer of the annual SoCIP seminar and exhibition in China, which brings SoC designers from the Asia-Pacific region together with international silicon IP and SoC solution vendors. For more information, visit www.s2cinc.com.

    Email: sales@s2cinc.com

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