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S2C Newsletter 2010 Spring Issue
In the News
S2C Technical Seminar at WUXI ICC

Date: March 10
Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Location: Wuxi IC Design Industrial Base

In 2010, S2C is organizing a series of technical seminars in different cities in China by primarily working with the local Integrated Circuit Design Industrialization Centers (ICC).  Various products and solutions related to silicon IP, SoC prototyping and chip implementation will be presented at these seminars together with demonstrations of several popular silicon IP cores on S2C TAI Logic Module.  We sincerely invite our customers to attend one of the seminars to obtain first-hand experiences of S2Cí»s IP library and system prototyping technologies.

The first seminar in 2010 will be held on March 10th at Wuxi National Integrated Circuit Design Industrialization Center (WXICC) and we will introduce S2Cí»s new Dual S4 TAI Logic Module based on the 40nm Altera Stratix-4 FPGA, and preview the latest S2Cí»s TAI Player Pro 3.2 FPGA prototyping software.  In addition, a number of popular Silicon IP cores will be presented and we are pleased to have invited VP of IPextreme, Rick Tomohiro, to talk about IPextreme thoroughly production-proven IP cores which are from world's largest semiconductor companies (Texas Instruments, Freescale, National, Cypress, Motorola, Infineon, NXP and Mentor Graphics).  For more information and how to apply.
New Product

System Prototyping Made Easier with the New S2C Stratix-4 TAI Logic Module

After more than 9 months of development, S2C is pleased to debut its new Stratx-4 TAI Logic Module that has greatly outdone the previous generation's Virtex-5 TAI Logic Module. In addition to more than doubling the logic and memory capacity on a single board, the new S4 TAI Logic Module has enhanced power management, noise shielding, and acooling mechanism that facilitates your system prototypes to attain even higher performance and higher reliability.  The new S4 TAI Logic Module adopts similar forum factor as all previous TAI Logic Module generations, so existing customers can easily upgrade.

We have limited Altera Stratix-4 530E FPGAs in stock now.  These FPGA devices are in high demand and have very long lead time.  Prevent system prototyping from bottlenecking your project and place your Dual S4 530 TAI Logic Module (prototype up to 10.6M ASIC gates) order today.

  • Up to 16.4M logic gates on single board
  • supports both DDR2 and DDR3
  • Stackable for larger capacity demand
  • S2C TAI Player Pro 3.2 software supports Altera compile flow and runtime control through USB
    New Partner

    S2C Offers Northwest Logicí»s high-performance DDR3/2 SDRAM Controller Cores for your SoC designs

    Northwest Logic is one of the leading providers of high-performance Memory Interface Solutions for both ASIC and FPGA designs. Northwest Logicí»s Memory Interface Solution includes support for all different types of DRAM including DDR3/DDR2/DDR/SDR SDRAM, Mobile DDR/SDR SDRAM and RLDRAM II. These memory interface cores can be packaged with optional bus interface cores such as AXI, AHB and PLB.

    Northwest Logicí»s DDR3 and DDR2 SDRAM Memory Controller Cores provide extremely high bus efficiency using Request Reordering, Bank Management and Look-Ahead processing. The cores can also be configured during design or real-time to work with any memory configuration.Northwest Logic additionally provides Multi-Port, ECC, Virtual FIFO add-on cores to enable each design to be optimally configured. The cores support the very high memory clock rates and have a minimal gate count.

    Contact S2C at nickq@s2cinc.com for detailed information and for a conference call on Northwest Logicí»s solutions.


    About S2C

    Founded and headquartered in San Jose, California, S2C is the leading total solution provider in facilitating systems to chip innovations. S2C has four major solutions for system-on-chip (SoC) development:

    • Rapid SoC prototyping on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
    • Third-party silicon intellectual properties (IP)
    • SoC design, prototype and production services
    • Customizable, zero mask-charge, no minimum order eASIC semiconductor devices

    S2C currently has 3 direct offices located in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen to meet the demand for accelerated SoC design activities in China. S2C is also the organizer of the annual SoCIP seminar and exhibition in China, which brings SoC designers/professionals from the Asia-Pacific region together with international silicon IP and SoC solution vendors.

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    Email: sales@s2cinc.com
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